Friday, December 31, 2010

Mets end year on quiet note.

Like most kids that are off the week after the xmas holiday the Mets only cobbled together a deal for a minor league light hitting infielder.  Otherwise its a quiet end to a dismal year.

Most are trashing the Mets for 2011 since there pitching is slightly lacking. Especially against the powerhouse Phillies who added Cliff Lee.  The Mets do not expect to spend $$ this off season and there sticking to there guns.

With the calendar now ready to change over to 2011 that means basically 6 weeks to pitchers and catchers report. Once the superbowl is played in early Feb all eyes will them be geared toward spring training. During the next 6 weeks the prices of some pitchers will go down since it gets to the point of wanting to get the free agent portion behind them and get geared up for the season. 

The Mets have targeted pitchers like Jeff Francis and Chris Young and there some speculation that the Mets might be interested in Brian Fuentes for the bullpen. I cant see that since his price tag is a bit high since he wants a multi year deal.

Whoever the Mets sign it wont be for any big dollar amount. the New York A's are sticking to there guns with keeping costs down as well as enthusiasm for the fans. 2011 is around the corner.Don't worry fans since that means the 2011-2012 off season is only 10 months away.  

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