Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bobby Valentine to join the Sunday night ESPN telecast.

Looks like Xmas came early for fans of the Sunday ESPN baseball game.  Of course I totally missed hearing that everyone’s favorite broadcaster Joe, can my head be any bigger, Morgan and Jon Miller were thrown to the curb like a certain Met lefty should be.   Of course this should have happened long ago but finally the powers did something that fans can be happy about. 

Now of course we will have Orel Hershiser and can anybody be smarter then me Bobby Valentine in the both along with play by play man Dan Shulman.  Shulman has been doing a lot of work with that quiet man Dick Vitale. 
Former Met manager Valentine I am sure will open up a little more about how great he is and explain to the fans how he would have managed the game.  Hey at least its not Morgan anymore.  Check out the story here

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