Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good luck selling season tickets now.

Mets have been pushing and pushing season ticket renewals and yesterday was a big day for that Mets GMSandy Alderson was every where.He was on Mets.com answering twitter questions he was on WFAN talking to Mike F for an hour. 

 Now of course it has blow up in there faces.  The Phillies have signed Cliff Lee and now have a rotation of Halladay,Lee,Oswalt,Hamels and for now Joe Blanton. There rotation is being compared to the 90's Braves with Glavine, Maddux etc and the 70's Orioles with Palmer and Mc Nally, etc. 

 We have Pelfrey and ...mid 30's knuckleballer in Dicket and a kid in Niese until Johan comes back.

 I bet those phones are ringing off the hook at Citi Field! Especially to get tickets to one of the 9-10 games the Phillies come in!

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