Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jason Bay ready to play

Last winter the Mets spend 66M on a outfielder that help the Mets with there offense at Citi Field. Remember how the Mets spent $ last year while this year they have been shopping at the dollar tree. 

Well we didnt get much production out of Mr Bay in 2010. He had a pretty lousy year and then was lost to a concussion after he met up with the LA Bullpen fence in July.  Well he seems to be ready to go if you think handing out gifts with having a headache is a good sign.

Bay spent yesterday handing out gifts and chatted with the NY Post. Bay said  "It was always about the headaches,". "I got so used to having headaches, I didn't know I had one. . . . Since the end of September, I haven't had one headache issue."

 "By all accounts, I haven't played baseball, either," Bay said. "But the workouts we go through are much more strenuous than baseball, and it's one of those things, it's not like a hamstring or an elbow where you try to rehab and make it stronger."

Of course Bay might want to make sure he is up for the challenge next year since he hit .286 against Roy Halladay  and over .300 overall against the Phils pitchers.

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