Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mets talk about Phillies new pitcher Cliff Lee

Good time for the Mets to have there xmas party at Citi Field. Nothing like talking about there rivals more then there excitement to play in 2011 under the new Manager and GM that was brought in. 

There was David Wright in his Santa Suit talking about Cliff Lee which you can check out the Video from Adam Rubin at ESPN NY

If you need more insight check out the politician to be Sandy Alderson and his take on the Phillies new Ace which of course now makes them have 4 # 1 pitchers . The Video can be seen here

Lots of talk about well the Phillies look great on paper. You know what I would like the Mets to look even half that good  " on paper. Alderson just loves to spin things.  Just a FYI the Phillies sold 35,000 tickets once the signing for Lee was announced.  Mets phone lines?  Hello?  They have the players calling the Season ticket holders.  Come out and see us get no hit by 1 of the Phillies aces......The season hasn't started yet and its over.

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Michael said...

David Wright was correct. This actually improves the competition in the NL East. The Mets will now play in a more respectable division.