Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dwight Gooden Tending Bar: Maybe Not The Best Idea

According to TMZ, former Met ace Dwight Gooden was scheduled to be a guest/celebrity bartender at Sofrito.

Due to legal reasons Gooden was not permitted to tend bar, so he lent his name and services to the kitchen, where helped cook up some vittles.

Who thinks up these things? Some coke head stuck in the 1980's? Dwight Gooden has a history, a long, long history of alcohol and substance abuse. What better way for an addict, or recovering addict to spend his/her time...tending bar. On the other hand, why would Gooden even consider this venture? The last thing he needs is another intoxicated incident, or at the very least, have his name involved in any environment that has anything to do with alcohol.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

ahh thats because doc wants the mighty green back....and of course that is beltrans restaurant....