Friday, December 17, 2010

Carlos Beltran looking forward to play for new Manager Terry Collins.

Lot of fans do not know what to make of Beltran. They know when he is healthy he can hit like the best of them. Some think he is soft and once has a little physical issue pines for the bench. There is also the thought that Beltran is not really passionate about playing . Well if you watch him on hot stove last night you might get a different view of the Mets Centerfielder. 

Beltran was a spotlight guest of Kevin B and Beltran mentioned that with a new manager it might be great for the clubhouse to have the fiery Terry Collins. Beltran mentions that the players would appreciate someone showing there passion in front of the players and even if necessary throw things around if its needed to stir things up. The actual quote was it be ok if the Manager" came in and threw a couch over one of the players head"  Beltran said that the players sometimes need that fire and passion to be shown in the clubhouse and he be all for it. 

This is something you dont really see out of Beltran. Of course he was the one that stepped up last summer when Tejada was taken out by Utley. Sometimes Beltran might get a bad wrap since he isn't as vocal as some think he should be. Lots of what is being said of Beltran is really the media perception of him and after that show I certainly get a different view of him.

He also chatted about his rehab and his off season work and of course he was asked about playing Right field.   To check out what he had to say about his health with his knee etc check out the video SNY Beltran

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