Friday, December 17, 2010

Pedro to the Yankees : Orlando Hudson heading to San Diego

As the Mets continue with the lets wait until we can get everyone for a buck mentality 2 players are off in other directions.

Mets lefty who has spent his career with the Mets and has the most appearances in the Major Leagues the last couple of years Pedro Felicano is heading to the Yankees for a reportely 2 years deal worth 8M.  Not sure who the Mets will use as the lefty to get the Phillies big bats out but I am sure they can throw Ollie at em.

Also 1 player that wanted to sign with the Mets and most fans wanted him the last couple of years will be out of our grasp once again.  O-Dog, Orlando Hudson is working on a deal with the Padres.  Thats ok we have Castillo!!!!  oh joy...


Mike C. said...

Pedro is a traitor. It was the Mets who taught him everything he knows, including his 3-quarter delivery.

Anonymous said...

Who cares, year after year he is letting up more runs, striking out fewer batters, not to mention he has logged a ton of innings the past few years. I believe he is 35 now, time to go Pedro.