Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mets kicking tires on Freddy Garcia

The Mets are still playing the waiting game with trying to upgrade there pitching staff. As we have about 10 days left in 2010 there is no one under the tree for the Mets that can pitch at this point.

Jeff Francis has still not told anyone if he might go back and sign with his former Team the Rockies. Mets are still waiting out Chris Young. They might wait until they see what Brandon Webb signs for to get a guide on what injured pitchers are receiving these days. Webb though hasn't pitched in 2 years.

The Mets might be interested in Freddy Garcia that went 12-6 for the White Sox last year.  He was with the Mets in 2009 but released after 2 games with Buffalo as he rehabs a shoulder injury. 

Pretty slow off season for the Mets but at least Alderson and his crew have been true to there words.

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mase414 said...

I hope we stay away from Garcia. His 4.60+ ERA is unimpressive.