Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mets Thinking: Some Insight For Mets Fans

As I have written before, and will most likely continue to scribe, my jury is still out on Sandy "Elvis" Alderson. I love the fact that he has a plan and that he will stick to it.

What concerns me is I believe he probably feels that the entire team needs to go, and he will blow it up and rebuild it. That could take many, many years, and that is not an option. There are players that need to go, but that does not mean everyone needs to go. Again, this is just one fan's opinion.

I have my concerns that this will be Jose Reyes' last season as a Met, and the more time goes on, the more I believe this will be the last season with #7 leading off and playing ShortStop for the Mets.

In a noontime chat with Adam Rubin, I indeed asked Rubin this very question:

"My biggest concern that this will be Jose Reyes' last season in a Mets uniform. From your dealings and insight, do you think there is any chance of him being on this team in 2012 and further?"

Rubin: "I think there's a distinct chance Reyes is not a Met in 2012, although I'm not writing him remaining off. That will be the first true insight into Sandy Alderson, in my opinion. If Alderson is fundamentally opposed to giving six-year contracts to 28-year-olds, and someone else will, will he let Reyes walk? Or will he deviate from his beliefs because of what Reyes means to the franchise? Perhaps he'll blink and bend. I don't know."

I don't think Elvis will blink. He needs more than ever to show he is in charge, and "caving in" to Reyes might prove otherwise. I don't subscribe to this theory, it's just another point of view. Reyes is the catalyst for this team, and it will be virtually impossible to replace his defense (yes, he is a good defensive SS), his 60 stolen bases per year, his 17-20 triples annually, 100 runs scored, 70+ RBI's, etc. The Mets go as Jose goes.

Another question I had for Rubin was Josh Thole. I personally don't believe Thole is an everyday starting catcher. I see him more of a platoon type catcher at best. I hope I am wrong, but the Mets will need more than 4-6 HR's from their catcher. Thole has improved tremendously in a relatively short period of time, but I still don't foresee him being a true #1 catcher.

I asked Rubin:

"Do you foresee Josh Thole being the starting catcher, Paulino, or a platoon with the two? Personally, I don't see Thole as an everyday starting catcher. "

Rubin: "Terry Collins has said Josh Thole will be his No. 1. Even if it is a platoon, Thole is the No. 1 since he'd be facing the right-handed pitchers, whereas Paulino would be facing the left-handed pitchers. The good thing about the Paulino signing is that he has proven he can be the No. 1 if Thole falters, whereas backup predecessors such as Henry Blanco and Ramon Castro would not be able to handle that workload."

The big questions were why haven't the Mets addressed the starting pitching, especially with Johan on the shelf until June. Rubin is as perplexed as fellow Mets fans in the lack of activity the Mets have shown. Their biggest voids to fill are the starting and relief pitching.

As recently stated, we need to be patient, regardless of how difficult it might be. This team didn't fall apart overnight, and will not be rebuilt into a contender overnight. If this team plays competitively and finishes around .500, that would be fine. If they don't, and no moves are made during next off-season, then let the worrying begin.

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Love The Mets said...

Alderson isn't dealing with an Oakland budget anymore. If Reyes produces, every attempt will be made to keep him in a Mets' uniform.