Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mets waiting on pitching market before filling out role players.. Why?

Mets need a fourth outfielder. Mets possibly also need a infielder that can be a utility player and also a guy off the bench to fight for that last spot on the roster with Nick Evans but the Mets wait. 

The Mets have a priority these days. It called wait out everyone and then get a bargain basement deal for a starting pitcher that can eat innings. So look for the Mets to wait until sometime Jan 2011 to add to there depleted starting pitching staff. Since this there priority no one else offensively can be had.  Does this organization have a issue with multi tasking or they just sweating out the role player market?

Yeah cause a guy like Reed Johnson or Fred Lewis will break the bank. Johnson really fits into the New York A's moneyball way of thinking. He walked 5 times last year in 200 + at bats.

All the free agent outfielders it seems had down years in 2010. Jody Gerut,Scott Hairston, Citi Field killer Willie Harris included.  So why is that off a down year they will command so much? They can be had for a song and a 1 year deal at this point. Marcus Thames can still hit pretty good and he signed last year for less then 1M and hit over 2.80 for the Yankees.  Way too  much for the New York A's . Maybe if he signs a deal that has him doing double duty calling season ticket holders maybe the Mets would be interested.


Love The Mets said...

The Mets had good pitching in 2010. Averaging 4 runs/game would seem to be an indication that more bats off the bench are needed.

Anonymous said...

You know , the phils didn't ink 5 yr contracts on there vaunted staff so they would be viable for 2 yrs. So Alderson may have 5 yrs to hunt out "Buck Three eighty" players. I have been a forty year fan of this team but realistically the Mets have given their closest NL east rivals an insurmountable head start!

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the word "THEIR"?