Monday, December 6, 2010

Quiet as expected for Mets at Start at Winter Meetings

No incredible deals in the work as the Mets brass enter the first full day of the Winter Meetings.  As the D Backs work on a deal to send Mark Reynolds to the Orioles the Mets are just waiting to see where the dust will settle.  

No real Mets news coming out of the Winter Meetings as of right now except maybe if you think whats going with former Met Jeff Francoeur of interest too you. He is getting interest from the Phillies and the Royals.  The Phillies need someone to replace Werth.  Of course they have Dominic Brown the touted rookie so Frenchy might get more playing time with the Royals. 

The Padres have come out and said they will not be trading Heath Bell. The former Met reliever was someone some Mets fans would like to see replace K Rod in the pen but the Padres are holding on to Bell. 

Mets need to catch lighting in a bottle with whoever they go after.  The Giants last year picked up Aubrey Huff and got a great year out of him. So maybe the Mets can pick someone that had a down year that just needs a new home.  Right now the Mets are quiet.  Fun fun....

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metsfan73 said...

Not true! The Mets signed Russ Adams and Jon Malo to minor league deals.