Monday, December 6, 2010

Around the horn: Werth to the Nationals

As the sun rises down in Florida on the first official day of the Winter Meetings there was already a blockbuster deal done by the Nationals yesterday. They replaced there power guy. Dunn signed with the White Sox so the Nationals went nuts and signed Jason Werth to a ridiculous 7 year 126M deal.  Can anyone say Barry Zito? Of course they had to over pay the guy to get him to sign with the Nationals since they are not ready to contend yet but wow. That means he is being payed 18M a year until he is 39!  The Red Sox were in the running but were only in the 4 year ballpark . That is why Boras didn't bother even trying to get teams to match the Nats deal. 

 In other news the Mets are checking the dollar tree to see what they might be able to pick up.  A couple of nuggets below.

Mets still need a catcher-Henry Blanco might still be in the running since there is a depth of free agent catchers out there. Ronny Paulino is being checked out by the Rockies. Josh Bard might fit with the Mets and there new regime since he played with the Padres.

The Mets need a outfielder and now the Nats want to trade Josh Willingham. Dont think the Mets could get in that deal even though they need a 4th outfielder.  Scott Hairston Jr and like I said before Ryan Church is out there if the Mets want to take a flier on him. Also Met killer Willy Harris who we already know can play pretty well in Citi Field.

The Nats could work out a deal with Pitcher Chien Ming Wang so he is dangling even though he has not pitched in a while.  Mets could get a low risk high reward deal with him.  He wants a major league deal weven though he his not pitched in the majors in a year and a half due to a shoulder injury. It must be nice to want.  

The Cardinals signed Lance Berkman to a 1 year 8M deal to play the outfield. Good luck. Berkman hasnt played the outfield since 2007.

Source MLBTradeRumors

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