Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the eve of the Winter Meetings not a player was stiring

As the Mets band leaders pack there gear and head to Lake Buena Vista Florida there is a definte sound that we seem to hear coming from the Mets brass.   Crickets!   The Mets will be watching deals all around them as they will get the feel of being attached to a club that has no moola to spend.  It is like going down to check what is under the tree and seeing just 1 gift.  Why bother?  

Well Alderson and is moneyball marauders head down the Florida with 5M to spend.  They need a starting pitcher or 2, relievers for the pen, a backup catcher, some pop off the bench in a fourth outfielder. Will Frenchy make a return or how about Ryan Church? As long as its not Gary Matthews Jr!

  The Mets will be there as the Redsox pound there chest about there new first baseman, and will still try to land Jason Werth.  Look for numbers to be flying in Cliff Lee's way and even the Yankees stiff Carl Pavano should get a nice deal.  Will the Mets be going after Carl Crawford heck no!   Will the Mets even try to land Russel Martin as a catcher that Thole can work with ? No shot.  Look for the Mets to be scraping the bottom because its all about 2012.  Forget 2011 Met fans.  The Mets slogan should be See you in 2012! 

Winter Meetings for the Mets this year?   It will be just as fun as watching Chris Carter try to make a throw from left field!

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