Saturday, December 4, 2010

Heath Bell To Be Made Available? Mets Interested?

It is being rumored that San Diego may look to move Heath Bell this off-season due to his pending Free Agency after the 2011 season.

With this being the last year of Bell's arbitration eligible status, San Diego might look to move their closer. Bell, who is arbitration eligible for the final time this off-season, made $4M, and would surely garner an increase in salary for this coming season.

Bell had 47 saves last year, with 86 strikeouts in 70 innings pitched. He had an impressive 1.93 ERA. Could the Mets be interested in Bell?

Bell pitched sporadically for the Mets 2004-2006. He was very displeased with the organization when he left, feeling that didn't use him properly.

After leaving the Mets after the 2006 season, Bell went to San Diego along with Royce Ring in exchange for Jon Adkins and Ben Johnson. Bell is the only member of that trade that worked out and showed his value.

It was suspected at last years trading deadline that Bell might be moved, and could the Mets possibly be interested in their former reliever? Bell made some quotes backing down from his harsh words when he was first traded, but the trade never amounted to anything.

With the Adrian Gonzales to the BoSox deal nearly completed, will SD look to trade their closer? Jon Heyman says no, and that SD will hold onto Bell through the start of the season.

As David Lennon thought, the Mets could trade for Bell, make him the closer and KRod the setup man. This would help the Mets out immensely, where KRod's $17.5M option for 2012 wouldn't kick in, saving the Mets some much needed money.

I don't think it will happen, because with AGon gone, would the Padres insist on Fearless Ike being part of the deal? If they're smart, they would. If the Mets were smart, they wouldn't include 23 year old Davis for the 33 year old Bell.

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