Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alderson: Chicks dig the long ball

Ahhhh  How refreshing!!   A quote from our GM.  Sandy Alderson was on MLB Network's hot stove last  night and was answering a question about how he plans to adapt the team to Citi Field. In his response he used the phrase , "as you know Chicks dig the long ball" Which got a laugh out of Matt and Joe . Isnt it great that we have a GM that is able to show his personality when he speaks?  There was not one "with that being said" during the entire 10 min convo!!  Impressive!

Alderson did speak about how he thinks Collins is ready for the task of managing the Mets and how that with being part of the baseball development side that he had sure to have learned patience. We hope! 

He also went on to say that it might take time to get a idea on what type of team he has. That is why the Mets are trying to stay away from offering a lot of multi year deals at this point.

When it comes to who will play in Citi Field for the Mets Alderson said that even if its a pitchers park that we will have to have players that can hit homers regardless of the way the park plays. Cause as you know "chicks dig the long ball!"

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