Sunday, January 31, 2010

Former Mets Organist, Jane Jarvis Passes Away At 94

Jane Jarvis, former organist for the Mets at Shea Stadium, passed away at the age of 94. Ms. Jarvis was a staple for the Mets at all of their home games at Shea Stadium from 1964 to 1979. Fans who attended Shea during that time period were likely to hear Take Me Out To The Ballgame and Meet The Mets emanating from her organ.

In addition to keeping fans entertained at Shea Stadium, Ms. Jarvis was a Jazz pianist, as well as being an employee for the Muzak Corporation. At Muzak she worked her way up to vice president in charge of programming and recording

After leaving Muzak in 1978 and the Mets in 1979, she embarked on a career in Jazz, where she was a fixture at the Zinno club in the West Village. Interestingly, the Mets never replaced Ms. Jarvis with another organ player after her departure.

Prior to joining the Mets, Jarvis was employed by the Braves. In 1954, while playing her piano in a night club, the Braves decided to hire her as organist.

Ms. Jarvis told the NY Times in 1984:

“I wasn’t a sports fan, and I was uncertain about doing it. but money overcame my worries.” By the time she began her long tenure with the Mets, 10 years later, she had become a knowledgeable and enthusiastic baseball devotee.

Jarvis developed health problems, but maintained her positive outlook:

“I figure I’ve got another 25 years,” she told The Indianapolis Star in 1999. “At least I’ve got 25 years booked out.”

Growing up with the Mets since the early 1970's, I feel sorry for those who never had the chance to experience the distinct sound of Ms. Jarvis' organ playing at Shea. It is truly a memory that I cherish, and shall not easily forget.

Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Source: Peter Keepnews - NY Times

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mets are linked by media to every free agent pitcher but sign none.

Not sure why they need to say the Mets are showing interest in a pitcher. If a Met rep calls a agent of a pitcher to say hey hows your pitcher doing, doesn't offer any insight about the Mets willing to offer a contract but is just checking in how much interest are the Mets showing?

The Mets were basically linked to every free agent pitcher and besides Lackey and Pinero there was not much out there. Ok Garland can eat innings. Well he is worth what he was paid? Sheets worth 10 M?

The fan base gets excited when we read oh the Mets are showing interest in so and so but its all a smoke screen . Obviously by now the Mets have to realize that 2009 hurt them in 2010. Players dont want to play for them. Now we here the Mets are showing interest in Smotlz , Wang and get this Branden Looper? Come on... Make it stop!!! If there so high on Murphy ask him to pitch at this point.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Alert the Media ! The Mets sign a pitcher Josh Fogg

Ok so its a minor league deal. Its always good to stock up so when Ollie breaks a toe somehow or Nieve hurts his leg running to first again we have back up that will be able to pitch to a 5.00 ERA

Acorrding to reports the Mets singed him to a minor league deal earlier today. Fogg, 33, had a 3.74 ERA in 24 relief appearances last season for the Rockies, during which right-handed batters hit .176 against him. He did start briefly in the minors but had a horrible ERA.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Omar Minaya-With that being said. Mets still chasing John Smoltz

Hey can you guess how many time Omar will say the phrase.. "With that being said" He of course reallied on that phrase when he was on SNY hot stove. I remember back when Omar was interviewed after the Bay signing and heard him say that phrase over and over and over. It drove me insane to here the Mets GM repeating words like he did.

Of course tonight on Hot stove he said a hole lot of nothing. Kevin asked him about the team saying last fall that the Mets would rely on defense pitching and speed and what they have done? Good job by Kevin to ask him the questions. Of course Omar would mention the signing of Gary Matthews and Jason Bay as bringing in the defense but he didnt really respond to the pitching or the speed. Do we start the Omar watch now?

Will the Mets bring in John Smotlz? Omar likes him for the ability to help young pitchers like Ollie Perez.. Do you think that Smoltz can relate to the air brain that Perez is? I can see him helping Maine and Pelfrey. There are reports he wants 4M? Is he worth 4M . Check out our poll.

Omar and Kevin B tonight on SNY hot stove

Omar Minaya will be on SNY hot stove with Kevin B tonight. As per Mr Price I would love to see Omar answer this question..

"We were told pitching and defense were the priorities to help build a team that could win at Citi Field? To this point, you’ve added no pitching and no speed. Were you lying to fans, are you out of money, or do players just not want to come here?”

What answer will be get? Ummm well we are on the phones talking to agents blah blah. Omar is the worst guy to interview because he just doesn't interview well. He seems nervous all the time and never says anything A:) that you believe and B:) is really something you didn't already know C:) Plus he isn't a story teller..

So make sure you tune into SNY tonight I am sure it will be a barn burner..

Dodgers Pick Up Perez...Timo Perez

The Dodgers have signed former Mets retard, er retread, Timoniel "Timo" Perez . Perez was a flake during his days with the Mets (200-2003). He would have lapses in his play. You don’t need to look any further than game 1 of the 2000 World Series where Perez was throw out on a hit by Todd Zeile, which appeared to be a homerun. The ball hit off the top of the fence, and Perez was gunned out at the plate for lack of hustle.

That off-season it was discovered that Perez, born in the Dominican Republic, was actually older than his bio stated.

Perez, signed to a minor league deal, will be (allegedly) 35 at the beginning of the season. I don’t see what the Dodgers see in him, but just wait, he will probably come back and haunt the Mets with a great base running play, or a HR.

Source: Ken Gurnick - Twitter

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fernando Tatis might be coming back to platoon at first

He is no Ryan Garko or a healthy Delgado but he is someone that can play a ton of positions. The Mets just love to hang on to guys.

The Mets at this point do not think Carlos Delgado can play the infield so there turning to free agent and doubke play extrodinare Fernando Tatis.

Tatis is looking for a salary close to 1.7m which is what he made last year.

Not sure this is a wise move but hey its not like the Mets did much this off season besides sign Jason Bay...oh year I forgot Kelvin Escobar. Again a season with no home run threats off the bench.

What Could Have Been; Tragedy Revisited 9 Years Later

What could have been? We’ll never know, and that’s the crime. Nine years ago this March, young Mets prospect Brian Cole, a centerfielder, climbed into his 2001 Ford Explorer, and embarked on a journey from Port St. Lucie to his parent’s home in Mississippi. Sadly for Cole, his cousin Ryan, the Cole family and the Mets, he never arrived. Cole was involved in an auto accident which claimed his life when he was ejected from the vehicle.

Former minor league teammates held Cole in high regard, not just for his ability, but for his personality and demeanor. So well respected was Cole, that former Mets pitcher, Pat Strange, named his first born son Brian Cole Strange in 2003.

Former Met reliever and current Padre closer, Heath Bell had this to say about his late teammate:

"I don't remember him swinging and missing ever. I said, 'I would never want to face you because I never see you swing and miss.'

"He was one of those guys you wish you saw him play in the big leagues. He was a little guy, but he hit for power. He had speed. And he hit for average."

Former Mets GM Dan Duquette is in Mississippi to testify on behalf of the Cole family in a trial against the Ford Motor Corp. Duquette will testify of Cole’s potential as a professional baseball player. The Cole family is suing the Ford Corp, blaming their vehicle in the death of Cole. Cole, seat-belted, was thrown from the vehicle, thus resulting in his death. Ford claims Cole was driving at an excessive speed.

What a shame. What could have been? Cole, if able to progress like the Mets expected, would be in CF around the same time as Wright and Reyes joined the Major League ranks. Would Carlos Beltran have been a Met if Cole survived? Cole had speed, an arm, and surprising power for a man “small” in stature.

Alex Escobar got all the attention, but many believed Cole was the true talent.

Not only is the tragedy in what could have been, but also in that we will never know.

Source: Adam Rubin & Nathaniel Vinton - NY Daily News

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ben Sheets to the A's John Garland lands with the Padres

Well at this point it looks like the Mets might just stick with there rotation . Sheets signed a 1 yr deal with the A's for a reported 10m and now its being reported that John Garland signed a 1 year deal with the San Diego Padres.

The 30 year old Garland went a combined 11-13 with a 4.01 ERA for the D-Backs and Dodgers last season, allowing 225 hits and 24 home runs in 204 innings pitched.

He’s has made at least 32 starts each of the last nine seasons, So of course that means he was durable and for some reason the Mets would prefer to waste time in going after John Smoltz. Not sure why the Mets think the over 40 year old Smoltz would have more of an upside then Garland.

The following pitchers are still free agents: Erik Bedard, Braden Looper, Noah Lowry, Brandon Backe, Mark Mulder, Odalis Perez, Chien-Ming Wang and Jarrod Washburn, and of course El Pedro.

I thought they might make a play at Garland but at this point I think the Mets will be going with the rotation they have. Last year they did sign Livan as a eatings eater with also Tim Redding and of course they had no idea what to expect with Ollie or Maine last year and here they really are in the same boat but are staying the coarse. I dont get it.

Mets Making Offer To Nemesis Smoltz?

According to Mike Silva - NY Baseball Digest , the Mets have made an offer to long time nemesis, John Smoltz . Smoltz, a borderline Hall Of Famer, spent the 20 of his 21 professional season's as a staple of the great Braves pitching rotation. After suffering an arm injury, he moved to the bull pen (2001-2004), where he accumulated 154 saves, before being reinstated in the starting rotation.

Silva is still trying to get more info on the alleged offer.

The Mets are expected to want Smoltz to be in the bullpen, possibly as a set-up man for Rodriguez.

Big question is, does this mean they are no longer interested in Ben Sheets? Oakland made an offer to Sheets, but from what is being reported out there, he isn't interested in the A's, and hopes the Rangers and Mets "Step up to the plate.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mets sitting on side while A's make Ben Sheets an offer

Not sure what our Mets are looking to do with there pitching staff. They seem to be like a team that is playing scared or just have no real interest in adding to there staff for 2010. Ben Sheets who seems to be the next in line to get a deal will be bypassed by the Mets .

A team like the A's are willing to take a chance but not the worried afraid Mets . The A's are always cautious about what they spend but the Mets who had no problem spending 24M on Luis Castillo and have tryed to move him for the last 2 years are staying away from Sheets since of being afraid of him being hurt in the near future.

I Dont get it since the upside of having Sheets and Santana is alot better then Santana and Pelfrey. Maybe there saving there bucks for Wang or just another innings eater like Garland.

2010 looking like a lackluster year for the Mets if you watch what they did this off season.