Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can Tim Byrdak be the 2011 version of Pedro Feliciano

The Mets added another lefty for the bullpen on a spring training invite. They now signed 37 year old Tim Byrdak who will compete I am sure with Tankersly for a shot at being the lefty specialist out of the pen. 

The Mets are going to need someone who shuts down that Phillies offense from the left side. Byrdak in a little over 4 innings against the  Phillies didnt allow a run in 2010. Of course if he makes the team the Phillies will see him a bit more then they saw him last year.

Howard and Ibanez faced him 2 times with no hits and Utley faced him 4 times without a hit. He struck out Howard once and had no problem challenging the Phillies since he didnt walk them once. 

Back in 2009 he gave a  hit a piece to Howard and Ibanez in 3 at bats but nothing to Utley.  

The Mets are going to need someone to step up against these guys and hopefully Byrdak still has something left.

Source Yahoo Sports

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