Friday, January 7, 2011

Former Met Brian Bannister Heading East...Far East

Former Met Brian Bannister, who refused an assignment to AAA Omaha (KC Royals), has decided to take his "talents" to Japan.

It is being reported that Bannister has signed a one year deal with the Tokyo Giants.

Bannister, who as a rookie beat out Aaron Heilman for the final slot in the Mets starting rotation in 2006, was traded to Kansas City that December for
Fire-Balling Sociopath relief pitcher Ambiorix Burgos. I wish Burgos' stat sheet was as successful as his criminal record.

At the time many fans thought Bannister was going to be a solid pro. I never subscribed to that. His professional career with the Mets was a very small sampling: 8 Games, 2-1 record, 4.26 ERA, 19K, 38 IP, 22 BB. He was lucky. Then, he pulled his hamstring while running the bases on
April 28, 2006.

With KC Bannister didn't pitch particularly well, and at one point was demoted to the minors. His stats as a Royal was an unimpressive 35-49, 5.13 ERA, 365 K, 629.1 IP, 202 BB.

With accepting a contract in Japan with the Giants, will this mark the end of Bannisters professional career. Odds are it will.

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