Saturday, January 29, 2011

If John Maine Is A Habitual Liar, Then What Are Fred & Jeff Wilpon?

Back in May 2010, Mets pitching coach
Dan Warthen called John Maine a habitual liar, when it came to fessing up about the health of his arm. Although I always liked Maine, his non-tendering this off-season was a must.

While on the subject of less than credible people associated with the Mets, no two people come to mind more than Fred and Jeff Wilpon. I am not saying we as fans have any right to know their financial portfolio, no, but when they open up the debate when appearing incredulous when a reporter asks of their apparent financial woes, is not acceptable.

Anyone who has read anything I've written over the years is more than aware I have never, ever cared for the Wilpon's as owners. I think Fred Wilpon is a nice man, but he has shown a lack of acumen in dealing with the Mets and their baseball operations. As for Jeff...he is merely the recipient of his father's hard work, and doesn't have a clue. He gets such a rush of being "boss", that he doesn't realize that being a boss means you hire people well versed to run your operation. Jeff sees himself as the next great owner, when he is nothing more than the beneficiary of Fred's success as a real estate magnate.

Back in 2009, we blogged about Erin Arvedlund, who wrote a book titled, Too Good To Be True, which she believed the Mets would have to sell the team due to the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Dave Howard, Mets VP of Business Operations confronted Ms. Arvedlund on Fox Business. Although Howard seemed to win the debate, it appears, as I have always felt, that Arvedlund was in fact the only honest one in this debate.

Also in 2009 we blogged about
former Mets GM Jim Duquette saying that he believed the Mets were in financial trouble because they moved their instructional league from Port St. Luce Florida to the Dominican Republic due to the need to cut costs. Duquette felt the Mets wouldn't sell because they have the opportunity to make money with the new ballpark, SNY, and the team.

Then there was an article in Reuters and the New York Times that we wrote about, where the article stated:

"Some bankers have speculated the Wilpons would be forced to sell all or part of the Mets, while others said a sale of part of the Mets cable TV channel SportsNet New York was more likely."

Throughout all of our posts and the documentation by newspapers and the internet, the Mets, mainly Fred, Jeff, and Dave Howard have argued that the Wilpon's and the Mets were in sound shape, when in fact, we have always believed that to be untrue.

When looking back at the spin-doctoring the Mets have done over the last few years, is John Maine the true habitual liar, or is it really the Wilpon's and the Mets hierarchy?


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