Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mets await on physical for Chris Young

It sure looks like that Sandy Alderson got his man. The Mets have a deal for 31 year Chris Young on the table pending that old addage a physical. This of course might be a little bit more then routine for the pitcher who missed most of last season for a shoulder strain. He will join the Mets pitching Mash unit who added Chris Capuano last week.

Alderson had seem to target Young since he took over the team late last year. Of course he was under Alderson when he worked for the Padres along with other Mets executive Podesta.

Young has alot of potential for the Mets if he is healthy. Back in 2007 he had a ERA of just over 3.00 with a 8.7K per 9 innings and really low hit total of 6.1/9.

I think the Mets might be done adding to there staff which will have Pelfrey, Dickey, Niese, Capuano and Young if there able to perform . Of course Santana will be rehabing for close to half the 2011 campaign and the Mets have Dillion Gee and Boof Bonser as backups if needed.

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