Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mets still have 3 players that are arbitration eligible as deadline nears.

As teams sign players that are arbitration eligible today, the Mets have 3 players who have filed for arbitration . Today is the deadline for teams and players to submit there numbers.  The 3 include 2 pitchers, Mike Pelfrey ,R A Dickey and outfielder Angel Pagan. Some numbers below.

R A basically saved the staff with the amount of innings he pitched last year. the 174 innings he pitched was the most of his career has he went 11-9 and had a ERA under 3.00. He baffled everyone with his knuckleball and even pitched a 1 hitter.  He earned 600K as a base last year. 

Mike Pelfrey went 15-9 and had a ERA of 3.66. He did have a month during june and July where he had a dead arm and basically got no one out.  He needs to step up this year especially with Santana out.  Pelf previously signed a 4 year deal paying him 7M through 2010.

Angel Pagan had a bounce back year at the plate and on the bases where he seem to have his head on straight after a clueless 2009.  He hit .290 while more importantly he remained healthy all year.  He hit over .300 for most of the year until the 28 year old tired out at the end.  He earned 1.5M last year.

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