Monday, January 3, 2011

Mets awake from slumber and sign Capuano and Bucholz

The Mets finally signed some pitchers to help there rotation for 2011. In the process of signing 2 players the Mets have decided to desginate for assignment Ryota Igarashi.

Chris Capuano is a lefty 32 year old who had a ERA of 3.95 for the Brewers. He has gone through 2 tommy john surgeries . He will earn 1.5M

Mets also signed Taylor Bucholz. He is 29 years old and will be placed in the Mets bullpen. He strikes out 6.4 per 9 innings.He went throgh Tommy John surgery himself.  He is 19-21 career wise with a 4.39 ERA. He has not been able to get back his fastball speed yet.

The Mets spent 600K for Bucholz if he makes the team. Bucholz is a PA native so this bring him close to home . He spend some time with the Blue Jays last year.The Mets finally have made some deals to help there pitching staff. The Mets are still in the running for Chris Young according to Adam Rubin. We will see if the Mets can sign him or lure Jeff Francis.

Thanks to Adam Rubin

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