Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mets busy beavers last 48 hours: Hairston coming to the Mets

It was like hot stove wrapped up in a day or 2. Kevin B is going to be besides himself on this weeks hot stove. He might not have time to talk about his new buddy David Wright with all the wheeling and dealing the Mets did in the last 48 hours. It is like a new team all of a sudden. Ok so its not but after the last couple of days it looks like the Mets are ready to hit Florida.

The Mets signed Chris Young pending a physical which should be done this week or is in the process of being done. They signed 1 of their arbitration guys with Pelfrey getting just under 4M. The Mets didnt seem to want to sign him longer than 1 year which could come down to bite them if he has a great year.

Also the Mets are working on a deal for right handed hitter Scott Hairston He hit 10 homers last year for the Padres and hit about .220. He will more then likely be the 4th or 5th outfielder for the Mets if he makes the team. Of course this doesnt spell well for Nick Evans who is out of options and either has to make the team out of spring training or pass through waivers.

Mets still dont have a 3rd baseman backup but that could fall on someone like Daniel Murphy or whoever else is a backup at 2nd base.

Mets still have to work on deals for Dickey and Pagan who are about 1.5M in offers between what they want and what the Mets want to give them. Dickey asked for a huge payday of 4.7M while the Mets countered with 3.3M. A bit over his 600K he made last year. Speedy Pagan wanted 4.2M and the Mets offered a little over 3M.

Source Adam Rubin

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Brad Fallon said...

Scott Hairston comes from the biggest major league baseball family. His grandfather was Sammy Hairston who was one of the first black players in the Chicago White Sox history. It will be a wise decision for the Mets to hire him. He would not be nicknamed "Hairball" for nothing..