Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don’t tell Terry Collins its off season, the Man is ready.

The Mets had a couple of the players in the clubhouse today along with new Mets manager Terry Collins.  Collins seems to be chomping at the bit.  He already told Mike Pelfrey he is starting opening day.  Pelfrey fresh off his 3.9M signing even tweeted a little today and of course started a uproar by prediciting a Packers- Steelers Super bowl.   Farm boy!

Collins was also in rare form discussing with the Media that he already has in his the Mets potention lineup for the first 5 guys.  He sees it being Reyes,Pagan,Wright,Beltran and Bay.  Collins went on to say according to Adam Rubin  “In the case of David Wright, if there’s two outs and nobody on, he can make it 1-0 in the first inning. He can hit a double. He can hit a single and steal second. "

"Carlos is the kind of guy who, in that position, I think he’ll produce runs from both sides. I think he’ll protect you on both sides of the plate. "

"I talked to Jason Bay when I was with him earlier, in December. I told him that I think what he’ll do in the middle of that lineup is again just be himself. He’ll produce some runs because he’s going to have some guys on base ahead of him.”

Not sure how Collins is going to survive another month with no baseball. He seems he is ready to manage today in mid January. 

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