Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jose Reyes ready to be a leader

As the Mets held a special event yesterday at Citi Field for season ticket holders there was 1 guy besides Terry Collings that was raring to go. That of course is none other Jose Jose Reyes. 

Reyes is ready to get to spring training already knowing that the first time in 2 years he is really healthy and ready to play. Of course he will spend the year playing for his next contract. Of course the excitable Reyes doesnt seem to mind. He is still a kid in the candy store and the fact that the new manager Collins but have almost as much energey as Jose suits him just fine. 

According to the NY Post Reyes said about Collins yesterday "Terry's got a lot of fire, a lot of energy. I like that. He wants me to be more involved in the field."  Of course Reyes loves the fact that Collins wants him to have more responsiblity . That of course has to do with the gun of Reyes arm. We just need to have Reyes focus on relays even on the routine plays where he seems to wander a bit. 

Reyes excitement can of course rub off on you. Now we have less then a month to go before pitchers and catchers and like Collins Reyes is ready to go now. Even though there is not much expectation on this team the excitement was there yesterday in Queens.

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