Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mets Are #1

…in the logo department. ESPN’s Jim Caple, not a Mets fan has rated the NY Mets with the best logo of the 30 teams in baseball.

Caple writes about the Mets logo:

“I'm no Mets fan, but I have always loved this logo: the distinctive dark skyline, the white bridge symbolizing the five boroughs, the classic Mets script, the terrific color scheme of orange and blue. My only suggestion: Mr. Met should have it tattooed around his whole head. “

The team on the other side of the Triboro (nor will it ever be the RFK bridge no matter how much the city tries to ram it down our throats) finished a distant 5th with Caple explaining:

“The logo most identified with the Yankees is the world famous, classic, Tiffany-designed NY. Their official primary logo, however, is the baseball bat with the Uncle Sam hat. It's not as good as the NY design -- what could be? -- but it isn't bad. I just wish A-Rod had to wear this same hat when he plays.”

Our two biggest arch rivals, the Braves and Phillies finished 18th and 23rd respectively.

Of the Braves he notes:

“Well, it certainly beats the old logo of a Native American warrior screaming so demonstrably it was as if he just received his season-ticket renewal bill.”

…and the Phillies

“I like the individual elements, but it's just a little too crowded inside that ball field outline, don't you think? Kind of like Greg Luzinski squeezing into one of those polyester uniforms after it had been left in the dryer too long.”

The team that is considered to have the worst logo in the Major Leagues is Cleveland Indians:

“And sometimes, even cartoons are just wildly inappropriate. People defend Chief Wahoo on the basis of tradition, but what kind of a defense is that? Yes, it's incredibly offensive, but we've been offending people with it for soooooo long we can't stop now. Do you think any responsible team or business would produce this logo today? Of course not. The only way a team could be more tone deaf to society values is if a franchise based in, say, the nation's capital used a racial slur for its team name.”

With this earth shattering Cinderella victory, imagine if the Mets would revert back to the old days and play the Curly Shuffle during the 7th inning stretch? They could be #1 in seventh inning stretch songs. Makes one wonder if maybe winning on the field is far behind.


Long Island Met Fan said...

Love the Mets but I think the Dodgers,Cardinals and the Orioles give the Mets a run for there $$ when it comes to logos.

Jobu said...

Love the Curley Shuffle