Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mets Designate Stoner & Pridie; Wright Has A Fan In Philly

Today the Mets announced the signings of Chris Young and Scott Hairston, and thus had to remove two players from their 40 man roster.

The unlucky recipients of this transaction were Tobi Stoner and Jason Pridie. Stoner, who has fallen off the Mets depth chart the last couple of years, is starting to remind me of one former prospect, Philip Humber, who has frequent flyer miles between the minors and majors since being part of the Johan Santana trade in 2008. Since then, Minnesota didn't sign him, he was granted free agency, signed with the Royals, was waived, signed by Oakland, waived again, and recently signed by the ChiSox.

In other news, The Onion's Sports Dome had a touching story on a David Wright fan in Philadelphia.


Source: Adam Rubin

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Long Island Met Fan said...

they should have showed that on hot stove...genius..