Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mets paying Howard Johnson to sit around

Where can i get this gig?  Take a few calls from your former guys regarding hitting otherwise chill at home with the fam and get payed. Must be nice!   Well for HO JO I think he would be rather working. 

According to ESPN NY  the Mets have not placed there former hitting coach in a role yet but he is still cashing checks. He has players like David Wright and blue collar boy Daniel Murphy calling him but thats it. 

I say have the Mets have him come to Citi Field and open up a little booth and sign things and chat with the fans ala Greg the Bull Luzinski and his rib joint down in Philly. Ho Jo was a fan favorite and it would be great to see him at the ballpark so he and fans can talk about the good ole days.  

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