Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collins: 2nd base a Offensive position: Bye Castillo

Guess Collins's ears were burning I was just chatting with my partner in crime about this. With Castillo in the lineup it hurts the Mets. Of course most people think that Castillo was not going to play once the season starts but who knows at this point. Injuries do happen.

No one wants to watch Castillo slap a single batting 2nd or 8th in the Mets lineup. If your batting 2nd or 8th you want to have the power to be able to score someone from first which Castillo obviously doesn’t. .New manager Terry Collins was quoted as saying per Adam Rubin via Twitter
TC: "I do believe today second base has become an offensive position."

Please make sure Castillo hears this and understands. I hope for once maybe he can assist with training a new 2nd baseman and then be gone. I always thought he would hurt the Mets worse than Ollie since Ollie can be buried in the pen if he is not released. No one needs a 2nd baseman anymore that just bunts or hit singles.

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