Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mets officially open camp let the drama begin!

Yesterday wasnt even the first workout at Mets spring camp but there was alot of goings on.  A little re cap

The Mets Jeffy Wilpon made an appearance at camp with his slicked backed hair and his little white shorts and of course opened his mouth. He just wanted to depress everyone by saying that the Wilpons will not be selling a majority ownership. Thanks Jeff for ruining our day before it began. 

K Rod was nice enough to show up in his little foreign car. His car gets more press then half the Mets players. Sorry now if he showed up in a '67 Grand Prix convertible I would give him some kudos. Of course that is because its the only year Pontiac made a convert for the GP. Ok  K Rod went on to say via  "On the mound it's going to be the same . It's going to be the same attitude, the same cockiness and arrogance." Just he plans to not to punch anyone off the mound. That's refreshing.

Jose Reyes says he doesn't plan to discuss signing a new contract during the season.  Guess he has been getting advice from Albert Pujous.  My take is this.  Reyes can still sign a deal during the season if the Mets offer him one. When did what players or owners say in February mean anything 6 months later? If Reyes doesn't look for a Carl Crawford like deal the Mets of course will try to sign him.  Reyes just needs to prove he can stay healthy and he will be a Met in 2012.

Terry Collins thinks there is a open competition for the bullpen of course which lost Takahashi and Feliciano , 2nd base and 2 pitchers in the starting rotation. Capuano and Young will have a leg up if there healthy for the rotation. The NY Post  had this from Collins, "We want to rebuild some confidence here, rebuild some swagger here,I like our team a lot. Now I've got to teach them to believe in it."

Good luck Terry the fan base probably needs a little of that too.

Saturday is the official day for position players to report.

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