Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mets are arriving in St Lucie but shockingly no Ollie or Castillo yet.

 As we finally get closer and closer to spring training a lot of the Mets are filing into camp. Of course David Wright has been there for a couple of days along with Mets blue collar guy Daniel Murphy.  Brad Esmaus along with pitchers Chris Campano and young gun Jon Niese are there. Niese actually showed his face for the first time today.  The Mets position players still have over a week before they have to report but Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran plan to show up after the weekend Bay has been working out in Canada getting ready for the season and to prove last year was a fluke before he became one with the Dodgers bullpen fence.  Of course where is 12M man Ollie Perez or everyone’s punching bag Luis Castillo…. Helllo? Anybody there?
Nothing like showing your new manager that you are ready to earn your spot in the Mets pitching plans by not showing up. Now I know Ollie pitched in the off season since he didn’t get much mileage during the season but come on. Ollie is getting 12M for basically nothing at this point.  Odds are the lefty will be left off the season roster if he doesn’t show he has it. Will the Mets really be ready to let him and his walk per inning stats go? Hope so! 

 What about Castillo?  He is in the last year of his 4 year gift contract from Omar and the Mets did everything but tie a bow on the guys head to trade him this winter but no luck.  Guess we will know by next week what condition the Mets 2nd baseman is but it already looks like he will have to fight hard for the starting position . Sandy Alderson said  a couple of weeks ago that Castillo is not versatile enough to be a bench guy.
Maybe he and Ollie and can be ceremonial ball boys or suite attendants so the Wilpon's can get there money’s worth out of them if they don’t make the team coming out of spring.

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