Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mets tried to ship Beltran to Angels. Maybe they should have offered Ollie as well

The Mets trying to get some salary relief at 1 point tried to ship Centerfield Carlos Beltran to the Angels per Adam Rubin.     Of couse for some reason the Angels thought Beltran's contract wasnt bad enough so they went the way of doing the deal for Vernon Wells instead.   Wells was signed for 4 years while Beltran was signed for just 1.  

Guess maybe the Mets needed to intice the deal.  I would have said here take Ollie for free. I think Beltran will have a good year for the Mets regardless if he plays Center or Right. 

The original story is from Joel Sherman over at the NY Post . The Angels didnt think Beltran could play Centerfield. Maybe Beltran proves them wrong this spring.

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