Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wikileaks could have a field day with the Mets – Wilpons.

The Mets are sinking as fast as the Titanic and it looks like the Wilpons are in denial just like the captain of the Titanic was that April night.

Does anyone believe the Wilpon’s and there belief that they can still operate the Mets with out totally being out of cash? 

As per the latest from Adam Rubin  the Mets are worth roughly 850M .  The Wilpon's have now borrowed up to 700M and cant borrow anymore.  Also according to the Post the Mets can’t offer SNY up for sale since the “ creditors would be allowed to take the proceeds from the sale.”

The media is trying to have the court documents unsealed so everyone can see what is really going on and how much the Wilpons are trying to settle for.  Regardless there is no one who would be interested in buying into this team without having a say in what is going on with the team. The Wilpon's spent 3 months trying to get investors and were balked at before going public with the partial sale of the team.   

Besides the pride of ownership which would wear thin if your investing a big hunk of money how can you be ok with not having a say in the matter?  If you ask me the Wilpons are delusional. Maybe this time next year the Mets might have a new owner which of course would make most fans estatic.

Maybe the people at Wikileaks will get wind of this and get to the bottom of this.  Of course nothing like a little drama before spring training starts. Like the Mets need it.

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