Thursday, February 3, 2011

Suit against Mets could be unsealed on Friday

Friday could be a big day for the Media and the Wilpons as it is quite possible the sealed suit against the Mets is unsealed in court. According to reports 

"A spokesman for Judge Burton Lifland of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Manhattan said the contents of the lawsuit could be released "

Reports have been on both sides of the table on if the Wilpons want this info out there. I have read where the Wilpons want the documents unsealed so they can show how ridiculous the charges that Picard, the trustee has levied against them. The other is that the media might read into what is in the documents and shed some bad light on the Wilpons. Like we dont think that way already Freddie boy.

At this point what is the difference. What is at stake is that the public has a right to know The fact that a wealthy businessman like Fred wants to play dumb and say he had no clue that Mr Madoff was doing a Ponzi Scheme . To me he probably was in huge bent up denial but his sterling equities with the real estate market was very soft so he would rather play dumb and make money anyway he can.

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