Friday, February 4, 2011

Wilpon’s and Picard 800M apart who is the crook here?

I an happy if my stupid little savings account makes 2 cents .  Of course there is no money in a savings accounts and all the money seems to be in Ponzi schemes. 

Courts unsealed documents today and the Mets claim they lost over 500M. Check it all out with the latest from Steve Popper  who has the Wilpons statement. 

The Trustee claims the Wilpons gained over 300M.  How can 2 sides be over 800M apart?  Easy there both crooked. Part of the Wilpon’s retort about the profit is below .

T"he $300 million claimed in the complaint reflects only those accounts that the Trustee has selected for inclusion because they were profitable.  It ignores numerous accounts that, in the Trustee’s parlance, were “net losers,” which, according to our clients’ analysis, total approximately $160 million"

The documents were unsealed earlier today since the settlement broke down. Why would the Mets want to settle if they claim they lost all that money?  Of course to stay out of the press , court costs etc.  Also I read an article at the NY times that mentions Chase executives had an idea that this was going on. they kept it mum. Did any of these guys have friends with the Mets and chatter about this?

Do the Wilpon’s want to sell a share of the Mets to infuse cashto deal with this mess or find more $ to put in a new Ponzi scheme?

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