Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday Night bowling with Terry Collins & friends

There is nothing like a little competition between teammates.  Also there is nothing like getting to know some of your new teammates.  Mets manager Terry Collins is looking forward to spring Training and getting the team ready for the season.  Of course nothing screams getting ready for the season like Sunday night bowling.  The Mets manager wants to see his team off the field competing so they are setting in motion a little Mets league that will take place Sunday nights in the spring.  Of course David Wright is gung ho.  He even practiced during the off season. Wright said. "I love getting together with the guys and just having a competition like that. I guess we’ll find out soon what kind of bowler I am. But if I’m going to participate, I’m going to try to go out there and win."  He also said this about his new manager  team building skilss “I think there’s a lot to be said for the kind of chemistry you have in the clubhouse, and I think that builds it, so I think it’s a tremendous idea . Will he use his new phrase on the alley of put up or shut up?

Will we Wrgiht trying to get a strike to win it for his team as Reyes creates a new Hex handshake? Will the local beat writers be tweeting the scores ala Nelson Burton JR?

Now don’t get me wrong I think its cool to hang out with your working colleagues doing something fun.  Bowling builds chemistry?  I think they should go back to what Big Pelf and R A Dickey did when then fought some fires a couple of weeks ago. Now that is when you know your teammate has your back. 

I am also slightly curious if Super Joe Mc Ewing will show up.  

Source ESPN NY

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