Monday, March 14, 2011

Luis, Luis, Hey,Hey, He's Gotta Go Now!

As this spring trudges along at a glacial pace, no one on the Mets wants to be the starting second baseman:

Brad Emaus - whom many expected to be the Mets starting 2B, has only had one thing go right this spring...JP Ricciardi in his corner

Daniel Murphy
- , although hitting well, has not proven anything at 2B, and the two errors he committed this weekend didn't help.

Justin Turner
- are we kidding?

Ruben Tejada
- is in AAA Buffalo warming up to be the starting Mets SS in August, if not in 2012.

Luis Hernandez
- had the dust blown off to see if maybe he can win the position. Good hitter, so-so fielder


Luis Castillo
- who might very well win the position by default. Castillo is showing the range of a slug in mud, but is hitting a robust .318 this spring.

Now it is being reported by
Adam Rubin that Terry Collins does not want Castillo on the Mets roster, while his bosses, yes, the one's that make the decisions, might very well have him on the roster due to winning by default.

Also according to Rubin,
"Baseball insiders" believe there is no chance Castillo is on the opening day roster.

I'd prefer to look at the song by the Kingsman, Louie, Louie - with a slight alteration - where they say:

Louie Louie, oh no
He gotta go
I said
Louie Louie, oh baby
He gotta go

Sources:, Lyrics On Demand

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Long Island Met Fan said...

tell Teufel to get a glove and man 2nd base..he can play better then Castillo at this point