Monday, March 14, 2011

Charlie Samuels: The Most Well Known Clubhouse Manager Who Can't Stay Out Of The Papers

Former NY Mets Clubhouse Manager Charlie Samuels just won't go away. Samuels, who was dismissed by the Mets back in November, is back in the news again.

The terminated Clubhouse Manager has been
implicated in gambling on the sport that employed him, as well as stealing from the Mets to cover gambling debts. It is reported that the money he "borrowed" was paid back, but he was still taking money he was not loaned.

On Saturday the
Daily News reported that this Samuels mess won't go away. It is reported that Samuels still has a storage area in Port St. Lucie, where the Mets conduct Spring Training.

Found in the storage area by police were such high priced items as autographed Mets jersey's from the 1986 Champion Mets.
Quoting The News:

"...cops seized hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of autographed player jerseys and other memorabilia from the '86 team that Samuels had placed in a Port St. Lucie storage facility."

Among some of the memorabilia found was a complete set of signed Mets Jersey's from 1986, which will be used as evidence against Samuels.

Samuels is not expected to testify before the Grand Jury, and although Mets players have been interviewed, no player is expected to be subpoenaed.

Over the years many Mets players became friendly with Samuels. Many Mets stars befriended Samuels, but no Mets players are believed to be involved with his embezzlement or gambling scheme.

Just last week Mike Piazza and Francisco Rodriguez were questioned about Samuels. Neither player is targeted in the investigation.

The Wilpon's must feel that they are under a perpetual dark cloud, and one would be hard pressed to argue that assertion.

Maybe the one positive thing to come out of all this, with Samuels being terminated, is that the Mets may finally dish the ugly black uniforms and hats.

Source: NY Daily News

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Anonymous said...

If only you idiots knew what you were talking about.. If I was Charlie I would sue you for slander .. there is no evidence of stealing money , no gambling indictment among other issues with your commentary. By the way Charlie Samuels never chose the uniforms the Mets designed or used.. AMLB and The Wilpons did. For shame on you