Friday, April 29, 2011

Does Mike Pelfrey have what it takes to pitch against the Philies?

Big Pelf has been under the weather over the last week/ 10 days or so but has said he is ready to go against the Phillies tonight. Collins has mentioned he can only go by what the big guy tells him since its not an injury that has sidelined him.  He has lost over 10 lbs with his stomach issues but feels he is ready to go. 

If Pelfrey is ready to go I am all up for the guy being a gamer and taken pride in being on the mound for his team. The problem lies in the fact he never seems to do well against the Phillies. Ojeda said in the post game last night that he thought since Pelf wasn’t feeling too great in his last game that he was a little calmer on the mound. Whatever works if you ask me.

I just dont not want to here an excuse if he gets blasted. No I was gassed etc  If you take on the task of pitching against the Phillies then no excuses. 

The Mets have kept Dillon Gee around I am sure partly since they aren’t sure if Pelf could pitch.  Gee seems to have no issues when he pitches no matter who he faces. Pelf could learn from the rook.

Interesting stats-   Mets have hit 1 more homer so far this season then the Phillies  21 to 20 and also have a high slugging percentage .401 to .387.  Phillies are getting no production from Ibanez or the 2nd base position.

Pelf is 6-4 with a 5.08 ERA against the Phillies

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