Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reyes' Reaction Re-invigorates Mets & Re-Invents Reliable Mets Running Man

We have all been reading today on how Jose Reyes' response to a poor "Out" call on his triple last night ignited the Mets, and though that is true, I can't say I agree.

Jose Reyes has been the ignitor for this team for a long time, just last night he might have finally got his due.

The media, this site included, have incessantly scribed that "The Mets Go As Jose Goes," but last night might very well have been Jose's Swan Song. I do believe that Jose will be gone at the trade deadline, let alone the end of the season, but last night just re-enforced, not proved Reyes' value as a ball player and a Met.

I hope
Elvis has been paying close attention to how important Jose is to this team. Wright gets the pub, but Reyes is the man. A ball players worth isn't listed in the box scores, but what he does day in and day out.

Jose is a Met, and always will be a Met in my heart, and last night wasn't the coming of age, no, it was the apex of what Jose Reyes is to these NY Mets. As
I have posted in earlier posts, enjoy Jose now, not after he is gone.

Jose Reyes, dreads, tats and all, can play for me any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.


Long Island Met Fan said...

I thought you liked Hanley Ramirez? :)

metsfan73 said...

I do...on the disabled list!