Monday, April 18, 2011

Jason Bay Heading to NY but where in NY will he wind up

Bay has had enough of the sun and the beaches . He is ready to say goodbye to his extended home since mid February when the Mets started spring training. Jason will be heading to NY to discuss options with team officials. The questions is where will he land.

There is a possibility of Jason Bay getting on a puddle jumper and heading up to Buffalo to get some at bats and work on his swing. Bay has not seen a pitch in a real game all season. In fact he has not played since last July.

The Mets are in need of Bay in there lineup as soon as possible since as usual David Wright is in a funk. He struck out 6 times during the 3 games against the Braves.

Look for the Mets to make a decision before they open a series with the Astros tuesday night at Citi Field where the Mets are 1-6 to start the season.

Source NY Post   3pm update...Bay on adivce from doctors heading back to Florida since the weather here and upstate NY still not very warm.  Bay will join team on Thursday. 2 days will make no difference since the weather locally will be no better Thursday.  Guess the Mets will rely on the Weather Channel if Bay should play or not. Pathetic.

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