Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Wright might be leader in the clubhouse but not at the plate

How many times do we have to hear about Davd Wright and the fact that all of his mentors are gone and how is taking more of a leadership role in the clubhouse. Today you can read the latest of how Wright helped teammates with dinner ideas and clothing over at NJ.com.  Of course its important to help new teammates but can we lead by example with they way we play on the field? 

Wright has 1 homer and 3 rbi's in his last 10 games. What a leader. How many times has the 3rd baseman been up with runners on and not even stroked a single. I read somewhere that Wright might be pressing without Bay in the lineup. Please stop ok. Wright is a good player but he is not someone you want up there with the game on the line.

The Mets had a nice little comeback going  in game 1 the Dh against the Rockies and all Wright had to do was bloop a single to get the Mets a win with Reyes on second instead he loops one deep in the air. Could he have shortened his swing? Maybe that would have impressed a new teammate.

Wright has talked about cutting his strike outs down. That is going real well. 19 K in 60 something at bats. 

The local scribe should be writing about how David Wright won game after game with a clutch hit or homer but time after time its a feel good story about his clubhouse presence. Not what you want to read about your # 3 hitter in the lineup.

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