Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As The Mets Turn(er); Emaus Designated, Turner Recalled

News just broke that the Brad Emaus experiment is over, and not a moment too soon. Emaus, who showed some difficulty playing 2B, also was having his woes in the batter's box.

Emaus sported a Hall Of Fame like .162 Batting average, smashing 0 HR's, and driving in an incomprehensible 1 run. The kid, who is JP Ricciardi's
Golden Child from his Toronto days, never should have made the team. The much maligned Luis Castillo had a better spring, as did Justin Turner, who is being called up to replace Emaus.

Emaus will be offered back to the Blue Jays for $25,000 if he passes through Rule 5 waivers, and as
Dave Lennon scribed:

"Emaus looked overmatched, but maybe
really needed the $25,000."

Turner is hitting a respectable .300 at Buffalo, with 0 HR's and 2 RBI. His OBP is .364.

The strange part of all this, is that the Mets only gave Emaus 14 games. Not very fair, but the decision is the correct one nonetheless. Another absurdity is that scoring runs hasn't been the Mets problem. Their problems have lied in not being able to keep the opposition off the board.

Welcome to Flushing Justin Turner. We wish you all the best, but you will most likely will be shuffling back to Buffalo before the All Star Break. At least you should get a few games under your belt facing two lefties that the Astros will trot out to the mound.

Adam Rubin, Dave Lennon, Baseball Reference

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Impressed they didnt sit on there hands like they normally do. Question is can Murphy overcome his 2009 Angel Pagan like base running?