Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look for a Jason Bay sighting Wednesday and Parnell to DL

After another embarrasing loss last night to the Astros the Mets will probably be saying welcome back to Jason Bay before game time tonight.

Bobby Parnell might be headed to the DL with a numbness in his middle finger. He has been horrible and if its something that is real or whatever he needs to be shelved for a bit. That will open the door for Jason Bay to get on a flight from Florida and try to rescue the pitiful Mets who arent hitting.

Bay has not played in a game since last July when he met up with the bullpen fence in LA. The Mets will be able to lengthen there lineup with Bay back . I bet we will see Pagan back in the 2 hole. Of course they will leave non productive Wright in the 3 hole so he can kill all rallies.e

The Mets looked at the 6 game home stand as a place where they can pick up ground with a couple of wins against lousy teams. Though to do when your just as bad as the teams your playing. Right Scott Hairston?

Source ESPN NY

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