Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daniel Murphy and Terry Collins after boneheaded base running blunder.

Mostly what you hear is the drone down media version of what happens. Pretty vanilla at best. Murphy saying oh I wasnt thinking when he was thrown out at 3rd trying to steal down late in the game with no out.  Well here we have what the exchange from Mets manager Collins and Murphy in the dugout tunnel. . Thanks to Bob Klapisch

Terry Collins watched in quiet rage as Murphy was thrown out -- waiting while his player collected himself and returned to the dugout -- before exploding.

“What the [bleep] are you doing?” Collins shouted, according to a person who’d been made aware of the exchange.

“Mike [Nickeas] was up, [Mike] Pelf[rey] was on deck; I was trying to get something started,” Murphy responded.

“So now you’re the manager? I was going to pinch-hit [for Pelfrey],” Collins shot back. “I’m the manager, not you. Get your head out of your [bleep].”

Murphy had just doubled and should have stayed there. He had made something happen by hitting a double. Love how Collins layed into him. Murph deserved it.

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