Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thole In The Two Hole, Murphy At 2B; Mets Lineup V. Astros - April 20, 2011

Josh Thole, playing the role of Paul LoDuca, will be batting second tonight as the Mets and RA Dickey take on Houston and Bud Norris.

Thole, who since last year has marked himself as Dickey's catcher, will take his .260 batting average to the two hole where he will try and move along Jose Reyes, who has been left stranded many times this year by Angel Pagan, Willie Harris, and others.

Daniel Murphy will get the start against the righty Norris, and will look to improve upon his anemic .226 avg. Hopefully now having Justin Turner on the roster will ignite not just Murphy, but both players, as they platoon until there is a clear cut favorite for the starting 2B job.

Tonight the Mets look to avenge their miserable loss to the Astros last night (6-1) by fielding:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Thole - C
3. Wright - 3B

4. Beltran - RF

5. Davis - 1B

6. Pagan - CF

7. Harris - LF

8. Murphy - 2B

9. Dickey - RHP

Sources: Baseball Reference

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