Friday, April 22, 2011

Wright homers, Bay doubles and we still get a win.

For 1 night all was right in the Mets world. They welcomed back Jason Bay in the lineup for the 1st time since last July. I am sure Collins had his lineup posted with Bay before he left the clubhouse on Wednesday night. Collins who I am sure has been on the brink of exploding was thrown out in the first inning when the ump thought the Astros fouled tipped 1 of Capuano's pitches when Nickeas had caught it for strike 3. Collins had to watch the game from the clubhouse. Well the Mets won does that mean he will watch the rest of them that way?

Jason Bay came back and went 1-4. He struck out in his 1st at bat and you could tell he was over anxious. Then he doubled and scored in his 2nd at bat. Last time up he had a littleleague homer when Hunter Pence misplayed his pop up that wond up rolling to the wall.

David Wright struck out his first time up and then clocked a J A Happ pitch into the left field stands for his 3rd home run of the year. He later doubled that plated 2 runs. About time he did something to help this team.

Capuano pitched 7 innings and really had his changeup working.

Thankfully for 1 night the Mets won a game and gave everyone the chance to breath.

Even Sandy Alderson can chuckle for a moment who spent part of his day Thursday on WFAN which you can listen to the podcast:

Alderson speaks to the fans to let them know this is there team nothing will change for now. Of course as fans we know this we just expect the team not to play like the bad news bears every night.

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