Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mets have fight but cant overcome mistakes

Some positives out of last nights loss to the Rockies 7-6. Mets box score

  •  Jose Reyes wow can he motor. 2 triples courtesy of Seth  Smith and his lack of ability to play the outfield. Jose is feeling and fine and is showing it as he out runs the baseball.
  • Mike Pelfrey- Lasted past 2 innings. Actually made it almost through 6 innings by using his fastball and he actually struck out 3 . He did give up 4 runs but he could have got out with 2 except for some shoddy fielding by Igarashi.
  • Iggy came in and got some big outs. Byrdak started the 7th but got 1 out & left with 2 on with via a hit and a walk. Iggy came in and closed out the inning.
  • Mets showed some needed fight and didnt give up. They were down 7-4 going into the bottom of the 8th but battled with a homer by Wright a double by Beltran and a single by Davis to make it 7-6
The question is of course how long will Collins stick with Parnell who was hammered over the weekend and came in tonight and was the igniter. He gave up a 2 run shot to Tulo and rushed and overthrew Thole at home on a play at the plate. This is a game the Mets should have won. The offense was there but the pitching defense as well as part of the pen let them down again!

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