Monday, April 11, 2011

Mets vs Rockies April 11th

Mets start a 4 game set against the Rockies Jason Hammel tonight. The Mets are 2-0 against Hammel and he has a era of over 9 against the Mets. Tonight. the Mets need Mike Pelfrey to start pitching like he did early in 2010. They cant afford to have him shelled like he did against the Phillies. With Brad Eamus 0 for his last 11 he sits tonight and we will see jack of all trades master of none, Daniel Murphy at 2nd base. 

Angel Pagan has looked lost and despite the fact  of him seeing fastballs behing Jose Reyes he is dropped in the order. Good ole wiggy is now with the Rockies and he can talk shop with his buddy Wright.  

Batting order for tonight Reyes, Murphy, Wright, Beltran, Davis, Pagan, Harris, Thole, Pelfrey.

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